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Jackie & Joseph Parambil

Vice President & Board Member

Joseph and Jackie live in Orange Village. Joseph from India and Jackie from Michigan met while working at Henry Ford Hospital; within 8 months of their first date they married and by the grace of God celebrated 20 years in 2023. His career as a Pulmologist led them to the Cleveland Clinic in 2006.  They have 3 boys. Their youngest, Brycen, was born with Down syndrome and diagnosed with Autism at age 2.5yrs. Jackie worked as an Occupational Therapist prior to children and has been immersed in the world of special needs now for 22 years. As a family they enjoy going to church together, time in the pool, going for long nature walks with Brycen in the wagon, card games and pickleball.  

Brycen thrives in a structured, loving and engaging environment. He requires a communication partner/caregiver to navigate his world. The Parambils are strong advocates in making sure that Brycen has opportunities and participates in meaningful programs that provide the appropriate support and care in doing so.  They are thrilled to be part of a TRU(e) community of believers that are building a God-honoring program to assist and help families and individuals with special needs to thrive.

Jackie serves the board as vice president and Joseph as a board member.

Jackie & Joseph Parambil
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